Package Protection Insurance

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Package Protection Insurance

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Guaranteed Safe Delivery
Ensure your order is guaranteed against loss, damage, or theft.

This 30 cent shipping protection covers purchases for $100 or less that are lost or damaged in transit, or stolen immediately after the carrier's proof of delivery. 100% protection for your order.

If your order is lost, damaged or stolen, simply alert us to this issue and your order will be fully replaced.

Increase amount of insurance based on the total of your order as follows:

$100 or less =.30
$200-$101 = .60
$300-$201 = .90
$400-$301 = $1.20
$500-$401 = $1.50

Please note: If this insurance is removed from your order, then you are not protected if your order is damaged, lost or stolen during shipping. Once we fulfill the order, we will not be responsible for issues related to shipments unless you have paid for this package protection insurance.

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